VIDEO: Drama as Masinga Pastor busted practising witchcraft

Masinga Pastor who was busted doing witchcraft at someone's house. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

There was drama on Monday in Kituneni village, Masinga sub-county, Machakos county after one pastor was busted practicing witchcraft in one home.

Kaewa Assistant Chief Josphat Muli Mawia confirmed the shocking incident saying that the preacher runs a big church in Manyanzaani village.

Assistant Chief Muli confirmed that the middle-aged man was drawing on the ground using a lamp uttering incantations.

“The man is a pastor at Manyanzaani and has a big church there. He was found doing things believed to be of the dark world. He was uttering bad things that will happen to the family while dragging his behind on the ground.” Muli said.

The Assistant Chief added that it is a shame for the people who are expected to lead people to Christ to be practicing witchcraft. “Whatever he was doing at the scene was not close to Godly actually it was the exact opposite.”

Muli noted that the pastor was not identified immediately and he is held at Kaewa police post. Police have begun investigations on the incident. He further warned residents against following preachers blindly and instead do thorough scrutiny before doing so.

“Investigate both physically and spiritually and know what kind of person you are following. Whether they are leading you to Christ or somewhere else. Only then can we get rid of such people from our society.” Muli advised.

You can watch the whole video here.

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