DPP orders Kilungu prosecutor investigated over Court drama

A past photo of DPP Noordin Haji. The DPP has ordered for the investigation of Kilungu law courts prosecutor over Friday's drama. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji has ordered for the investigation of Kilungu law courts prosecutor over drama he caused at the court Friday.

Mark Wangi, the prosecutor is said to have appeared in court and seized files and charge sheets before leaving. Wangi is accused of being drunk.

“The matter before Kilungu Law Courts between 23.12.2019 to 3.1.2020 has been brought to the attention of the DPP, who has directed ODPP’s Internal Compliance Unit & Nairobi Regional Head to urgently investigate the conduct of the prosecutor in question.” DPP Noordin Haji statement read in part.

“The investigation report is to be submitted to the DPP within 7 days. In the meantime, a prosecutor has been deployed to the Kilungu Law Courts.” He added.

Noordin also questioned why the magistrate went ahead to appoint and allow an unauthorised police officer despite it being unconstitutional.

“Under the Constitution, the DPP is the only one with the powers to appoint a prosecutor. It is, therefore, not clear why the learned magistrate appointed & allowed an unauthorised police officer to prosecute. Such proceedings are irregular & a nullity.”

“The DPP has, therefore, directed for immediate investigation of all parties to establish whether there was any gross misconduct. He has also directed ODPP’s Regional Head to ensure the proceedings are vacated to avert miscarriage of justice.” The statement said.

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