Don’t forget about suffering Kenyans as you concentrate on BBI – Matungulu politician


Leaders in top positions have been urged to sit down and come up with a plan to cushion Kenyans from high taxes and increased cost of living instead of prioritizing the BBI.

In an interview with a local TV station, a politician from Matungulu Peter Kilonzo Mutiso said that leaders have forgotten about the livelihood of Kenyans and are busy throwing weight on the Building Bridges Initiative when at the moment it is not a priority.

“Instead of discussing out the BBI we should be busy discussing issues on how to help cushion our people who have lost their jobs and the high taxes they are paying,” he said.

“Yes the BBI report has content but at the end of the day it is not an emergency and the majority of the things that are in the report can be done without a referendum, ” he added.

Mutiso also noted that since the handshake most Kenyans are suffering and there is no opposition and thus the government can do what it pleases as there is no one to keep them in check.

He said that most people were glued on the rift between Uhuru and Ruto after the handshake which he thinks is a way of riveting the real issues on the ground of Kenyans who have suffered tremendously.

“Our minds are focused on the two that we are not talking about the high taxes, kids are going back to school and there is no school fee, commodities are becoming expensive yet a lot of people are jobless but we are not talking about that we are focused on the rift,” he said.

The remarks come at a time when parliament is holding special sittings to discuss the BBI.

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