Dj Biado takes on Kamba presenters who have ‘overstayed’ on Radio

Dj Biado has come out guns blazing at Kamba Radio Presenters who have overstayed in the different Radio Station.

In a TikTok video, Biado said that it was unwise and selfish for someone to work in a station for over 15 years without looking for other opportunities or retiring.

He went on to say that many presenters rather than nurturing the young people to take after them, decide to stay at work even when they do not qualify.

“I wonder what is happening in our local media, you find someone has been working for the last 15 years in a station. Instead of nurturing someone to take after you, you are just there,” said Biado.

“It is good to nurture people, you find pride in that when you say that you have shared your talent with someone and they are doing well instead of staying there and things can’t function because you are not there,” he added.

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He noted that the kind of hatred and selfishness among Kamba Presenters is way too much. Noting that also there is a rivalry between different stations.

“Imagine you can not find a Mbaitu Presenter and Athiani Presenter sharing notes this only happens with reporters on the ground because the presenters do not interact,” he claimed

Biado moved from Kyeni TV to Kamba TV and later Mutongoi TV before returning to Kamba TV in February. The presenter also landed a job as the Head of Media and Journalism Department at Arizona International College.

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