Desert locusts swarms invade parts of Kitui in new wave

Desert locusts in Kitui central Tuesday. (Photo credit - Raphael/Mauvoo)

Farmers in Miambani ward, Kitui central are counting losses after a swarm of desert locusts invaded parts of Usiani location and destroyed crops.

One of the residents Antony Kyalo told Mauvoo News that locusts stormed the area since Tuesday evening and are causing disturbance even to pupils in the nearby schools.

“Farmers woke up very early today, beating drums and whistling all over to chase those locusts. They are not scared and are causing disturbance to nearby schools such that pupils cannot concentrate,” he said.

Kyalo asked the County Government of Kitui through the Ministry of Agriculture to take quick measures and spray the locusts before they cause more harm and move to other areas/

Their fear is that those locusts may lead to great farming that has never been experienced in the area before, to both people and their livestock if the government would not put efforts to destroy them immediately.

In Tseikuru, Mwingi North, farmers are experiencing similar losses after they spotted the desert locusts in their farms. They asked the government to take measures to spray those insects before they breed and cause more destruction to their crops.

Kitui county CECM for Agriculture Emmanuel Kisangau had earlier confirmed the Invasion of locusts spotted in some areas in Kitui East on Saturday.

The CECM disclosed that those locusts were spotted in Ngungi, Kikuu and Kyamatu, Kitui East, and later Kisayani in Kitui south and are yet to be identified where they landed.

The agriculture CECM revealed to Mauvoo News that they informed the locust management teams and are ready to supply insecticides and take over the operation to eradicate them in Kitui.

He urged locals in the affected areas to cooperate with Agricultural officers in the areas and report immediately once they spot those insects in their area.

Early this year, a swarm of locusts invaded parts of Mwingi region and Kitui West, attacked and destroyed crops leading farmers to incur losses.

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