Musila Blames Ngilu’s administration for Pitiable Healthcare Services

A past photo of ex-Kitui senator David Musila. (Photo - File)

Former Kitui Senator David Musila has decried that the condition of some healthcare facilities in Kitui county is wanting.

Speaking at Migwani in Mwingi West, Musila stated that many health facilities especially those at the grassroots were not functioning and those in operation have no medicine, and patients are forced to go and buy medicine in private healthcare facilities.

Giving an example of Migwani hospital which was opened and now is not functioning as expected, he blamed the county government of Kitui for neglecting its people.

“I will serve you diligently, that’s why I said I will contest for a gubernatorial seat and you will never see such things again,” Musila said.

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“People are dying on their way to Muthale Mission Hospital to look for better treatment while we have a government hospital in Migwani which it’s in a dire situation,” Musila added.

The former senator also mentioned that he was among the pioneers involved in the planning and construction of the Migwani hospital where some people even contributed as little as one hundred shillings but now the facility has no benefit to the people.

He promised the residents that he will never accept to see his people dying because of poor health facilities and requested the residents to support his gubernatorial bid and he will provide a lasting solution to them.

Kitui County health department has been on the spot and most of the leaders in the area have been complaining about poor services from the department.

In June 2021, Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua said that the healthcare in the county was in ICU and said he was thinking of whether the department can be reverted to the National Government.

In June, Health workers from Kitui Level 4 hospital; nurses, and casual workers downed their tools over what they cited as a 3-month delay in their salaries.

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