CS Alfred Mutua renews scathing attacks on Kalonzo Musyoka

Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, and Wildlife, Dr. Alfred Mutua launched a scathing attack on Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka saying that his days are over as the Kamba Kingpin.

While addressing residents in Mumoni Ward, Mwingi North Constituency, CS Mutua said that the Kamba Community should be ready to replace Kalonzo since his time has elapsed and he has stopped being helpful to the community.

The former Governor of Machakos likened the Wiper Leader to an old bull that has ceased being productive and thus it should be sold to avoid wiping away a whole generation.

“We have had a bull that tried to give birth to offspring all in vain in our community and when he tried to stand up he has been failing. Do you still want to continue keeping the bull yet it is not productive or do you want to get another productive bull?” CS Mutua asked the crowd.

He also pointed out that good calculative politics are good for the Kamba community to get development from the national government and thus the Kamba community should now focus on who will be their next national leader and ignore Kalonzo who has failed in getting the community to the government.

“It’s now time for another bull to take over, let’s look for another new bull that will be productive for the Kamba Community to continue thriving. If the bull is old and unproductive, no matter how much you love the bull, it will be useless if you don’t replace it,” Mutua added.

Drumming support for the Kenya Kwanza Government, CS Mutua affirmed that the government led by President Ruto is keen to ensure that the Kamba Community benefits from the government compared to the past when the community was left to perish. He urged the Kamba Community to fully back the Kenya Kwanza Government and assured them that they would reap big.

“We want development for our people because someone who is going to construct roads, bring water closer to our people and better healthcare is a development-oriented person whom we should support as a community. When the person brings development to our people we still vote for him again to bring more development and that’s how life is,” he stated.

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