Come clean on Turkish Investor Harun Aydin and 15 billion – Matungulu MP to Ruto

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule addressing mourners in Matungulu. (Photo -Juline)

Deputy President Wiliam Ruto has been called out to clarify where he got the 15 billion to loan Turkish investor Harun Aydin.

Speaking during the twin burial of Nathaniel Kiama and his wife Ruth Kiama, Matungulu MP Stephen Mutinda Mule asked the Deputy President to come clean where he had gotten the money from as Equity Bank said that he did not make any call to them concerning the money like he indicated during his earlier interview.

“William Ruto, you need to come out clearly and don’t lie to Kenyan anymore, you told us you called equity for an investor to take money to Uganda, Equity has come out to clear their name, please this is not a society of liars, ” he said.

Equity Bank last week denied having any banking relationship with Ruto’s associate Harun Aydin, who was deported from Kenya. The bank’s managing director Gerald Warui said this before the National Assembly’s Departmental Committee on Finance and National Planning. 

Mule also criticized the bottom-up economic model by the Deputy President saying that the ideology was meant to siphon money from Kenyans unknowingly.

“We can not allow Kenyans to be deceived every year, and you expect them to follow your ideology of bottom-up? We have realised, your ideology of bottom-up is a way of siphoning hard-earned Kenyans money,” he said.

The legislator further asked the government to honor church leaders who had served diligently in the church and the Nation by ensuring peace was being restored when there was chaos.

“It is high time the Kenyan government honored the modern missionaries because these are people who have diligently served the nation and the church at large and ensured that the society had peace.” Mule added.

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