Chipukeezy: My life is in great danger

Celebrated Comedian and MC Vincent Muasya alias Chipukeezy has claimed that his life and those of his family members are in danger. This follows a tussle over a piece of land.

Taking to Facebook, Chipukeezy penned a letter to the ‘land grabber’ asking them and their lawyers to obey court order claiming they were threatening his family with machetes and slashers.

“Dear land grabber. I have seen your advisors, I have seen your rogue lawyers, and I know your silent partners/enablers/sponsors. I know it’s not shamba you are after we both know who you are after, Your death threats are well received we all gonna die someday lakini you & your rogue lawyers, should know that in Kenya nobody is above the law! Mnafaa mheshimu the court order issued by Kangundo law courts on 21/2/2023. Na muwache kiburi na matharau.” Chipukeezy in the post said.

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“Hizo vitisho mnaleta nyumbani za panga visu na slashers ndio sasa zimefika mwisho! Just because we respect the law does not mean we are cowards or don’t own slashers! Do you seriously want to evict an old woman from her shamba? Just a few months after her husband left us? Do you seriously think you can bully us like that and get away with it? This banditry has no place in our village, and I will not allow you or your bandit friends to cause harm to my family and with the help of your Bandit friends.” The comedian went on.

The comedian threatened to expose the lawyers, politicians, and former Machakos county CECs, surveyors who allegedly abetted the land grabbing.

“The lawyers who are behind this land grabbing you know very well you are misleading your clients, advising them to cause bloodshed. Are you not ashamed of yourselves!? I will be giving a list of lawyers, prominent politicians, the Machakos county minister’s former and serving rogue surveyors former chiefs/Assistant chiefs who are cohorts to illegally acquire land. For now, nímwóóka munó & Above all The almighty God is watching you & he will punish you.” The statement ended.

Earlier, the comedian had posted an OB number on which he reported his life was in danger but since pulled the post down.

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