CCU Party defends Nzioka Waita, warns Kalonzo to stay out of Machakos politics

2 days after Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka asked Nzioka Waita to step down from the Machakos Gubernatorial race in favor of Wavinya, the CCU party has hit out at Kalonzo.

Addressing the media on Tuesday morning in Machakos, CCU Secretary-General Phillipe Sadja said that there is no need to force the electorate to vote for some leaders, asking those involved to give the electorate their space to vote for leaders of their own choice.

“You can’t force me to eat food which I don’t like or take. It’s a no. In this connection, Machakos voters will vote in their leaders of choice, not those imposed by other leaders.” Philipe Sadja said.

Philippe asked Kalonzo Musyoka to keep off from Nzioka Waita and Machakos Gubernatorial race in general, asking him to concentrate on National politics.

“Kalonzo you should keep off from Nzioka Waita. Stop involving yourself in County politics. Go for National politics. Waita Nzioka is in the race to win not to step down for anyone.Hii kiti Waita anaenda kuichukua.” He added.

According to the Secretary-General, there is always room for democracy which is very key in politics, saying that Kalonzo should give respect to personal rights and allow the people of Machakos County to exercise their democratic right and vote for the leader they want.

“Kalonzo wacha nikwambie, kuna kitu tunaita Democratic right to all Kenyans. Give our people space to vote for their leaders of choice. Don’t impose anyone on them. They rightfully know what they are supposed to do come August 9th. They know who to vote for. Stop telling them to vote for Wavinya Ndeti.” Sadja added.

“As I always say, the people of Machakos County should be given space to vote for the leaders they want.Hiyo dawa unajaribu kutupatia haimezeki.” He went on.

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