Bring it on! Makueni Speaker dares those plotting his impeachment for supporting BBI

A past photo of Makueni County Assembly speaker Douglas Mbilu. (Photo -Courtesy)

Makueni County Assembly speaker Douglas Mbilu has broken his silence about the rumored impeachment motion against him. Mbilu said that he has gotten wind of the planned impeachment motion and stated that he was ready.

He noted that impeachments are not done in social media and dared those involved to proceed and actualize the threats.

“There is a manner in which the speaker of the county assembly or any other state officer can be removed. The procedure is well laid so if there is a motion on social media/ I believe members of this house are well informed on these standing orders they are not cowards,” Speaker Mbilu said.

“If a member of public or any member feels that certain procedures are not followed or public funds are in question I would urgently and quickly urge them to just walk into the office of criminal investigations and raise the issue, they should come and put it on the table and we will bite the bullet and I’m very sure members of this assembly are privy to procedure and standing orders” he added.

According to reports, the speaker is set to be impeached on grounds of mismanagement of funds meant for the assembly among other grounds. However, a section of the ward representatives think there is a hand of the executive in the whole issue.

Kilili Kalamba ward MCA Julius Mutula said that the plan by the executive is to have disarray between the good relation of the assembly and the government.

He noted that they will not be dragged into the chaos that were also witnessed in the last assembly.

“It’s all over the internet that there is a planned impeachment motion against you. Such a thing happened in the last assembly and it all began like this and it just brought us more poverty as a county. We want to say that whether they like it or not you are the speaker and we will stand and fight for this assembly,” he said.

It is said that the division being witnessed has been brought about by the building bridges initiative. Makueni county Assembly objected to having joint public participation on the BBI Bill with the county executive. The two held parallel public participation. A meeting at a Salama Hotel is said to have decided Mbilu’s fate.

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