Body of a dead man found inside a water tank at Machakos Children’s office

Police load the body of a man that was found in a water tank at Machakos children's office. (Photo - Hillary/Mauvoo)

The Dead Body of a man has been found in a 10,000 liters tank outside Machakos county children’s office. The body has been since been removed from the tank by the police in collaboration with firefighters. The body is said to have injuries around the neck and was already decaying.

The incident was confirmed by Machakos DCI Officer Charles Mutua who said that they got a report and found the body that had no clothes.

“Today we have got a report that here at Machakos Children’s Office, there is a dead body that has been found dead in a tank with water. Police officers have come in collaboration with firefighters and they have managed to take the body out of the tank.” Mutua said,.

“Preliminary investigations show that the body has been in there, for some days, like three or four days. We will still get to know the truth of the matter. Officers have started their investigations but we actually don’t know what happened because the body was in a bad state. For now, we can’t tell what happened but the investigations have started.” He added.

Police officers have taken the body to Machakos Funeral home as the investigations commence.

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