COB denies Ngilu access to funds without MCAs approval

A past photo of Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu. Ngilu has been dealt a blow after the controller of budget denied her request to access budget without MCA approval. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has been dealt a blow after the Controller of Budget denied her request to access funds pending mediation between the Kitui County Executive and Assembly over the budget impasse.

According to a letter from the Controller of Budget Dr. Margaret Nyakang’o to Ngilu dated 10th August 2020, the same was a response to the Governor following a letter dated 4th August in which she requested to access the County funds under regulation 38 (1) of the Public Finance Management regulations 2015.

Regulation 38 (1) states that “If estimates of the budget submitted to the County Assembly for a financial year have not been approved by the County Assembly, or are not likely to be approved by the County Assembly, by the beginning of the financial year, the Controller of Budget may authorize withdrawals from the County Revenue Fund based on the last
approved budget by the County Assembly up to fifty (50%) percent for
the purposes of meeting expenditure of the County government for the
financial year.”

According to the Controller of Budget, Budget estimates for the financial year were approved on the 30th of June 2020, and as such the above regulations can not apply.

“It is regrettable that the county is unable to access funds for the much needed services due to the impasse in the Budget implementation process. Therefore, we reiterate our earlier sentiments imploring upon the County executive and the County Assembly to resolve the impasse and pay regard to the Sovereign people of Kitui who deserve the services. Our suggestion is to allow the legislative process to be undertaken to conclusion.” the letter goes on.

Kitui MCAs on 30th June 2020 passed the 10.292 billion 2020/2021 budget. This was however was not without a blow to the County Executive. The Budget Committee report recommended slashing the entire development budget for the trade, cooperatives, and Investment department which is headed by impeached CECM Philip Mumo.

The County Assembly of Kitui impeached the Trade, cooperatives, and Investment CECM Philip Mumo in October 2019 but Kitui Governor Charity is accused of failing to dismiss her. All budgeted amount for his salary was removed from the budget.

What the letter said;

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