Bisengo Reveals Why he will not perform at the second Kamba Festival

Katolo hitmaker Ambassador Toby Bisengo has revealed the reason he will not perform at the second Kamba Festival scheduled for September.

Taking to his TikTok page, Bisengo shared a video of him performing during the Kamba Festival 1, and behind him was comedian Terrence Creative who was on a green jacket. He indicated that the man behind him was the reason he was excluded from the Kamba Festival 2.

“The man behind me in the green jacket is the reason I was excluded from Kamba Fest 2, but obviously the fans on the floor say something different,katolo is unstoppable,” read the caption.

Below are some of the reactions from netizens;

J.M .Mutinda said, “Niona twisovya kitui Lamour festival ya ala matanaalikwa ,”

Angazaartsproduction said, “kama hauko sitanunua hio ticket na wakiedelea hivo wataaribu hio kamba festival,”

Robert said, “That’s Terence creative, he’s the one who sponsored the whole Kamba Festival. hao wengine ni puppets tu,”

Director _Evans said, “My view on this… Terence was so resourceful to our hosts since they are still new to organizing and planning for such events. Remember Terence and his wife work behind the scenes for the Churchill show,”

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