Big win as Mwingi set to get its first University

The dream of having a university in Mwingi is soon set to actualize. South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) campus in Mwingi which started way back will be actualized in two years according to the institution.

SEKU Vice Chancellor Prof Geoffrey Muluvi in a consultative meeting with Mwingi professionals said that the project will be revived and will cost 350 million.

“I received a delegation from Mwingi professionals and they wanted to know from us the progress we are making to set up a campus in Mwingi and assured the team that it will be operational in two years since the professionals have already donated land for the construction of the campus. We have agreed that we will work with the local leadership, National Government, and the county government of Kitui to ensure that we bring education closer to the people,” Vice Chancellor Muluvi stated.

Muluvi revealed that their strategic plan is to have a campus in Mwingi since they already have a town campus in Kitui town and another one in Wote, Makueni county.

According to the professionals, the campus will be a game changer for the people of Mwingi and one of the first universities in Mwingi thus it will spearhead the growth of Mwingi town and bring job opportunities and education services closer to the people of the Mwingi region.

“We visited the Vice Chancellor of SEKU to follow up on what went wrong in the establishment of SEKU Mwingi campus, we have had a consultative meeting and agreed that he will start the campus maybe from November this year. We had asked him whether it can be started in collaboration with Governor Malombe’s manifesto and told us that they will work together with the Governor to ensure that the campus becomes operational,” Professor Titus Kivaa the chairman of the Mwingi professionals forum said.

Campbell Munyambu who is the coordinator of the professionals urged the political leaders to push for the construction of the institution which will benefit the people of Mwingi and other places.

“I want to call our leaders to unite so that we see the university being operational in Mwingi because the university is a crosscutting institution and will cater to many people including the non-locals,” he said.

The professionals added that with the establishment of the university, there will come more benefits, especially in the business sector which will improve the economy of Mwingi apart from education services.

The university will be built by the National government in collaboration with the county government and will be located at Kanzoka in Kivou Ward, Mwingi Central sitting at 15 acres of land which was donated by a section of Mwingi professionals some years back.

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