Beware of cons using my name on Facebook pages – Kavindu

A pat photo of Kalonzo Musyoka and Agnes Kavindu (Photo - Courtesy)

Machakos Senator Agnes Kavindu has asked social media users to be careful because of people using her images to create Facebook pages and duping locals that she is giving away motorbikes, water tanks, and jobs.

Unsuspecting locals are being asked to send money and that the items will be sent to where they are. According to Kavindu, her office is not giving motorbikes or water tanks and the work of a senator is legislation.

“There are cons using my photos to create Facebook and Twitter pages and asking people to send money. I don’t have such programs in my office and those are criminals. When you see such people, report to the police. I will speak for myself or send my coordinators. The work of a senator is to oversight.” She said.

“Those who have fallen victim, please report to the police and give them the number you send money to so that those criminals are arrested.” The senator went on.

The senator further asked locals to continue adhering to containment measures even if the president has eased some of the restrictions it did not mean Coronavirus was over.

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