Autopsy Reveals Shocking Cause of Death of Makueni Baby in Police Custody

An autopsy conducted on an 18-month-old baby who died while in a police station cell has revealed that the infant succumbed to head trauma.

The tragic incident occurred at the Kambu Police Station, where the baby was being held with the mother last week.

Dr. Grace Midigo, the pathologist who conducted the post-mortem examination at Kambu Sub-County Hospital Mortuary, confirmed that the baby was hit on the head, resulting in a fatal blood clot in the brain.

“The trauma to the head caused significant internal bleeding, which led to the death of the child,” Dr. Midigo stated.

In addition to the lethal head injury, the autopsy also revealed other injuries on the baby’s head. Dr. Midigo highlighted these findings during a press briefing, expressing concern over the circumstances leading to such a tragedy.

Reports indicate that police officers beat the baby during the arrest of her mother who her neighbour had reported for failing to pay a debt.

Independent Policing and Oversight Authority released a statement confirming that investigations on the incident are ongoing promising prosecution if culpability is found.

Leaders and locals have come out to call for justice and for those involved to be met with the full force of law.

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