Opinion: Muthama’s words are back to haunt Wiper

Muthama addressing journalists at a past event (Credit -Agnes Mutio)

Former Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama has for the longest time gone public about leaders he mistrusts. This is whether they are allied to him or not and that also applies to the three Ukambani governors.This is despite the fact they were in or allied to Wiper at one point in the political journey.

When governor Mutua was given the wiper ticket ahead of the 2013 general elections, Muthama claimed Mutua wasn’t fit for governorship and shouldn’t be given the Wiper ticket.

Years later Mutua rebelled Wiper and formed his own party. That was not all Mutua went ahead to claim that he moved out because he found out the party leader was not ‘development minded’ like him.

In 2017 during the campaigns, Muthama said that other party leaders should dissolve their parties and join wiper instead of wanting to use Wiper to rise to power.He said that Ngilu and Kibwana were only using the wiper party to be able to capture their seats.

Muthama’s utterance were ignored and even criticized by some leaders in Wiper. However now it seems his words have come back to haunt Kalonzo. This is because the Ukambani ground is very hostile for Kalonzo.

The three governors have formed an alliance and what’s more two of them have come out to declare their interest in the presidency in 2022.This means they will face Kalonzo,Ukambani political guru in the elections.

Kibwana has been heard saying that every leader has a right to vie for presidency just like Kalonzo. He said that it’s despicable when a person is criticized just because they want to follow their dreams. But had Kalonzo listened to Muthama in 2013 and 2017, he would not be facing the current opposition.

This has prompted for some residents in Machakos to call for the second Ukambani unity meeting to forge the way forward for the community. This comes a day after a section of Machakos MPs demanded Kalonzo to be respected.The three Governors have been accusing Kalonzo of using Wiper MCAs to fight them.

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