Another swarm of locusts spotted in Mwingi central and Mwingi west

A past photo of swarm of Desert locusts in a tree at Mwingi, Kitui County. . (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Residents from parts of Mwingi central and Mwingi West in Kitui central are living in fear of experiencing a great loss in their farms after a swarm of desert locusts was spotted in their area.

Speaking to Mauvoo News, Kanzanzu area chief Joseph Masila, revealed that locusts invaded parts of Kalisasi, making locals whistle and beat drums to divert them.

The area chief added that some fled to parts of Mwingi West and they notified Kitui county extension officers to convey the information to their offices to do the spraying.

“We notified the agricultural officers and are aware, so we are waiting for them to take action,” Chief Masila revealed.

He further appealed to locals to notify them when they spot the locusts in their area so that the information can be channeled immediately to relevant offices.

This comes just a few days after residents in parts of Ikutha and Mutomo, Kitui south, and Zombe, Mwitika, Voo among other areas in Kitui East decried to the government to spray a flock of birds which invaded their farms and destroyed their crops.

The birds are destroying Green grams and Cowpeas, leaving farmers with great fear of failing to harvest.

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