Parents close Kiuwani Primary School – Kwa Mutonga

A classroom at Kiuwani Primary School in Kwamutonga/Kithimula ward. Parents of the school closed it over embezzlement of funds and other issues with the head teacher. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Parents at Kwa Mutonga location in Kitui West early this week took away their children and closed Kiuwani Primary School claiming that the headteacher has not been involving them in decision making on the development of the school.

The parents also accused him of misappropriation of funds and poor performance since 2018 when joined the school.

According to parents in the school,they have tried with no success to have a meeting with him and discuss matters which will make the school improve but he had been refusing.

One of the parents in the school confirmed to Mauvoo News that they assembled in the school and closed it pushing for their grievances to be heard.

The parent said they wondered how the head teacher behaved saying he called police to disperse them instead of listening to their grievances.

“He informed the area chief who called police officers to come and arrest us but we refused to talk to them.” The parent narrated.

Further, according to the parents they build some classes and contributed money for roofing, which they said he embezzled.

“We contributed money for roofing but he embezzled, no report for money that we have been contributing. There was even election for board members of this school but he took his brother, wife of his brother and cousins, he never notified parents,” he said.

The head teacher of the school Mwalimu Kawi speaking to Mauvoo News through the phone said he was held up in a meeting away from the school and could not comment anything concerning the closure of his school.

Kiuwani primary school is among the schools with the most dilapidated infrastructure and for a long time has been having just 2 permanent classes.

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