Act to save our kids, Matungulu and Kangundo parents plead with Ezekiel Mutua


Parents from across Kangundo, Matungulu and Kathiani have called on KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua to act and save their children most of who are on their holidays. According to the parents the police have not acted on some of the content being played in video halls and entertainments joints in the towns and this will have a negative impact on the children.

According to a parent, Mutinda Mutua who spoke to the Voice of Ukambani some of the video’s being watched by the kids have sexual content and the songs being played are those that have been previously banned by KFCB. This according to Mr. Mutinda will negatively affect many children and cause drop outs in schools due to pregnancies and bad behavior displayed in the movies.

Some of the parents have also noted a change in behavior by their kids . Concerns have also been raised about increased number of betting machines which preoccupy the children most of the times. The children have been forced to steal small items from their parent’s homes in order to get money for betting. Increased drugs have also been reported in the area and it is clear if the authorities do not act soon then most of the children will be negatively affected.

Late last year KFCB boss had warned some Kamba musicians over immoral music and names by the artists. He gave them one week then to stop the immoral music and change their names.

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