Accountability concerns raised on KICOTEC

Staff at KICOTEC making face masks at the Kitui based firm. Concerns have been raised on how the monies acquired from the sales are used. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

A section of Kitui County MCAs have asked the County Government of Kitui to clearly show accountability on how it has been using money which they get after selling face masks to different organizations, Government departments, and other customers.

Esther Ndile a nominated Jubilee party MCA speaking to press said the people of Kitui are yet to get enough masks yet they are made at KICOTEC and even as MCAs they are not aware of how the profits are used.

According to her, the Kitui County Government should ensure everybody in the whole county has masks to protect themselves from the COVID- 19 pandemics before they sell and give to other institutions.

“Charity begins at home, we should ensure everybody in Kitui has a mask before selling to other counties, “The nominated MCA added.

She further claimed there is no Parliamentary or County Assembly committee that oversight the funds obtained from the KICOTEC sales saying they should be given reports of how the money has been used.

In April, Mbitini MCA Nicholas Mwalali told Mauvoo News that as an Assembly they have donated 10 million to the County Executive to help in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure residents of Kitui county benefit with masks.

A section of Kitui MCAs also accused the Governor of inciting them against locals over masks made at the KICOTEC after she promised to partner with members of Kitui County Assembly to distribute face masks. Some of the residents were accusing their MCAs of selling the masks while they are yet to receive them from the Governor.

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