Access and ongoing rains affect locust spraying in Machakos county


Efforts by Machakos County through the Department of Agriculture to help farmers in ensuring that the locusts that have invaded some areas in the county have been sprayed have been hampered by lack of access in some areas and also heavy rains.

Speaking to Mauvoo News, Machakos County Assembly Agriculture committee Chairman Moses Mitaa said that they had started spraying some of the areas invaded by the desperate locusts though they had stopped due to the rains that are being experienced in the region.

“I want to inform Machakos residents that the county government through the ministry of agriculture we are having talks on how we are going to sort out the issue of locusts that have affected 4 wards in the county namely Kola, Muumandu, Masii, Kibauni, and Kalama,” he said.

“As a county, we have 4 vehicles being used to spray the locusts but for the three days, we have had a problem we could not spray them because when it is raining it is hard to spray them as the insecticide will dissolve with the rainwater so we are waiting when the rains go we spray the locusts but I want to assure you that we are going to ensure we finish this menace of locusts in our county,” he added.

Locust invasion has been witnessed in different areas of the county with Mwala Subcounty and Kalama sub-county being the most affected ones in the entire county. On Wednesday, the locusts were in part of Yathui and Muthetheni and spraying was done when they moved near the roads where the vehicles can access.

Locals have resulted to beating iron sheets, whistling and shouting at them in an effort to scare them.

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