Abel Mutua speaks of Horrific Event From his Childhood

Renowned actor and director Abel Mutua has spoken candidly about a horrific event from his younger years that had a big impact on his life.

Abel disclosed that his biological father abandoned his family when he was just 8 years old in an open discussion with his wife, talent manager, and seasoned producer Judy Nyawira, on her YouTube channel.

This left his mother to raise their two small children on her own, a circumstance that had a profound impact on Abel but was also very important in molding his personality.

The seasoned actor told the hilarious story of how his father departed. Abel claims that his father requested an early retirement and accepted a voluntary severance payment. He promised his family that he would take excellent care of them with the new salary and used the money to find greener pastures. But it was all smoke and mirrors. Dad of Abel wasted his retirement savings.

“Buda alipiga hesabu yake akaichukua akaingia dunda na hiyo pesa. Vile aligundua hiyo pesa inaisha because he knew for a fact that amechoma… akacome akaambia mathe, ‘niaje, niko na kafarm pale Molo, nataka niinge huko nataka niwatibu na macabbage’ Akaingia Molo three months,” Abel narrated.

Three months later, he came carrying a bag of potatoes and cabbages. He meant it as a sign that his farm was truly doing well. Soon after, he departed once more, saying he would return with more, but the man disappeared and was never seen or heard from again. Abel continued by stating that in spite of the difficulties, he would never make the same mistakes as his father when blessed with a kid.

“When I was very young, I knew for a fact that when it came to that time, Mungu akinibariki na mtoto, I was not the one to bolt,” Abel added.

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