ABC archbishop Timothy Ndambuki defends Ruto on church Harambees

ABC Archbishop Rev. Dr. Timothy Ndambuki at a past event. (Credit - Courtesy)

ABC archbishop Rev. Dr. Timothy Ndambuki has defended Deputy president Dr. William Ruto for his church Giving. According to Ndambuki, it is the church leaders that have been inviting him to the fundraisers hence if there is any blame to be made it should be on them and not on the Deputy President.

“MCA you have said people come in the morning to meet you when they have various needs. Do you go to them? It’s them that come to you and tell you they need fees, I need this and that. If you give them is there anything bad on your side or on the one of those who asked for the help?” Ndambuki asked.

“Today here I will defend the Deputy president, he has not gone to any church and knocked. It is the pastors and the Bishops that are bad…If you know the money is bad why are you going for it?” he added.

Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit of the Anglican church called for the church not to hype harambees as it where the church was going wrong. He challenged the church to mobilise resources for development agenda quietly. Sapit said that the fundraisers should be held outside church building.

The opinion on Church Harambees has created division in the Church leadership with one section strongly opposed while the other supports.

The ABC archbishop further called on locals to register enmass for the Huduma Namba. He praised it saying it will improve quality of service and the life’s of Kenyans.”As evangelicals we support this number as long as it will not be misused.”

Ndambuki was speaking sunday at ABC Kitoto, Kathulumbi – Mbooni East.

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