A gospel artist sent me to insult Katombi – Ndeke spills beans

Ken Kijana popularly known as ‘Ndeke ya Muthanga’ revealed that there were people who were pressuring him to attack Benga artist Alex Kasau Katombi.

Without mentioning his name, Ndeke said that he last weekend met a leading gospel artist who told him to insult Katombi. However, Ndeke said that he couldn’t do so because he had no beef with Katombi.

“I always tell you I’m real, I’m going to tell you the truth that someone called me and told me to go and insult Katombi. He told me to go to Facebook to insult Katombi but my fans cautioned me that Katombi loves me, he has never mentioned me in any interview and so these people want me to be at loggerheads with Katombi. I listened to my fans, went to listen to Nicholas Kioko’s interview with Katombi, and confirmed that he had not mentioned my name anywhere,” Ndeke revealed.

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He added that he was called by the gospel artist who told him that Katombi had insulted him in an interview and so he should reciprocate the same.

Ndeke pointed out that he was almost convinced but he gave it a second thought adding that he didn’t reconcile with anybody because he knew how some people behave. “I just fooled him, he called me ‘ng’ombe’ thinking I was a fool, I’m not a fool. Stop telling people that you have OB go and take it where you want. You insulted the family of Nicholas Kioko and so I won’t give you a chance to make me look stupid and force me to hate other people,” Ndeke remarked.

Ndeke added that Maima, Vuusya Ungu, Katombi, and all the Benga artists are his friends so he won’t allow anyone to break their friendship due to their personal agendas.

“You are now bitter because I refused to insult Katombi you think I’m that stupid to accept all that you tell me? You can’t fool me because I have no personal differences with Katombi and there is not a single day you will see me having an issue with him. I will not help you to carry the burden of hatred towards other people,” Ndeke added.

Last week, Ndeke and Katombi had a heated exchange on social media over the performance of gospel artists in clubs and festivals.

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