65-year-old collapses and dies in Kasikeu


A 65-year-old man suddenly collapsed and died in his home at Kitivo village in Kasikeu location, Makueni County Sunday evening.

According to a police report from Sultan Hamud police, the man started complaining of headaches, breathing difficulties before he collapsed and died.

The incident was reported at around 2138hours of Sunday evening by Kasikeu Chief Shedrack Tete at the Sultan Hamud Police Station in Kilome Sub-County, Makueni.

The police report read,“ It was reported by one Shedrack Tete Kasikeu location area chief that a 65-year-old man namely Richard Nthini Kingona from Kitivo village complained of headache, developed breathing difficulties and passed on.”

Preliminary investigations confirmed that the body of the deceased had no visible injuries.

“Public health officers in Kilome sub-county are making arrangements to remove the body and fumigate the homestead,” the report said.

It is not yet clear what killed him but headache and breathing difficulties have been listed as a symptom of Covid-19. According to the ministry of health, Makueni County had confirmed over 100 COVID-19 positive cases by Sunday.

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