3 billion Kitui Affordable housing project launched

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and NASA leader Raila Odinga during the launch of the Kitui Affordable hosuing monday. (Photo - Courtesy)

The 3 billion Kitui Affordable housing project was Monday launched in a function at Manyenyoni led by Former Prime minister Raila Odinga and PS Housing Charles Hinga among other leaders.

The Kitui affordable housing project is a joint venture between Musyi Development and Tecnofin Limited to construct 2000 housing units at Manyenyoni and Kalawa sites.

Speaking during the launch, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu revealed that over 300 youths will get employed every day and the affordable housing project will use locally available materials such as the ballast from the county crusher.

“This is the first project done by the private sector to sell houses to the people of Kitui. This project will employ 300 youths on a daily basis. The Kitui affordable housing project is worth 3 billion. The first since independence in Kitui. We will call it Chief Kivoi heights.” Ngilu said.

On the BBI report, Ngilu noted that the BBi constitutional amendment could be simultaneously achieved with the Covid-19 recovery.

“Let this BBI come we pass it because we signed. Those who don’t want it can stay at home…We will have a BBI and Covid-19 strategy. Those who say so its because their leadership is shaky…Kitui is on way to b becoming an industrial town.” She added.

Former prime minister Raila Odinga called for the fast-tracking of the Kibwezi Kitui road which he said he developed the plans when he was the roads minister. He added that the slums in towns were a result of the failure to have affordable housing.

“We must make affordable housing available and accessible to those coming into the towns and are low-income earners. This project is important and will change the image of Kitui. This is an eye-opener to the rest of the country. ” Raila said.

Housing PS Charles Hinga praised Kitui county for being among the pioneer counties on matters of affordable housing together with Kisumu county.

“The president told us when you get to the rock bottom we need to rebuild afresh. Kitui is slowly establishing itself on the map of this country… There was no better place to be than in this progressive county. ” Ps Hinga said.

Kitui county commissioner John Odengo lauded Ngilu for the vision which he said is in line with President Kenyatta’s big 4 agenda.

“I want to urge leaders to unite so as to bring development to the people of Kitui. We have also benefitted from the Kazi Mtaani program here and the youths are happy.” Odengo said.

In May 2019, the now impeached Lands, infrastructure, housing, and urban development County executive Eng. Jacob Kakundi made public plans to build affordable housing for the first time.

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