25 -year old found having sex with a cow beaten to death in Wamunyu


A 25-year-old man from Kambiti, Wamunyu in Mwala sub-county of Machakos County was beaten to death by an irate mob after he was found having sex with a cow.

Confirming the incident, Assistant chief Kambiti Denis Mutisya said that the man had a tendency of bestiality. He hid in one of the village elder’s home to escape the wrath of the villagers only to be caught up with.

“I got a call from the village manager that they had arrested one man who is said to be intimate with cows, goats, sheep, and donkeys and he has been suspected until today he was caught red-handed in one of the village elder’s home, “Mutisya said.

According to the Assistant Chief, the deceased was trying to get intimate with the cow of the village elder and when he was caught he tried to run away only to be cornered by residents who had now come to the rescue after the village elder screamed.

His body was taken to Machakos Level 5 hospital for preservation awaiting postmortem.

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