Over 200,000 Kitui farmers to benefit from Ndengu revolution program


Over 200,000 farmers from Kitui County are set to benefit from the Ndengu revolution program that was launched Monday by Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and Kenya Redcross Secretary General Abas Gullet. The program aims at distributing at least 2 kilograms of green gram seedlings to every farmer in the county.

The trucks with 88.5 metric tonnes of the seeds were flagged off by the county’s deputy governor Dr. Wathe Nzau sunday and the distribution began Monday at Kitui Bus park.According to the county leadership, they are focused on fighting poverty, improving agriculture and the livelihoods of the Kitui populace.

The donation was the first batch and the entire donation is 400 metric tonnes of the green grams which will go to over 200,000 farmers from every part of the county before the end of week.The same is estimated to cost about kes. 100 million. The county targets to raise 10 billion in revenue from the project and they have established market for the same in India. According to the governor, the Green grams are the county’s coffee and will be used to take the county to the next level economically. Ngilu also promised support for the farmers in the entire production process to ensure the success of the program.

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  1. While others are politicking and others giving up. Our able Governor Madam Charity Ngilu is busy helping and sourcing help for our Kamba community. Am proud of her,satisfied that me,my family and my team of men,youth and women voted for her. Live long mama. Nduku


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